2–16 February 2021 @ Ptuj // www.kurentovanje.net
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Dear media representatives!
In less than a month, the 61st Kurentovanje will start with the Kurent/Korant’s jump. We would like to inform you that we will carry on with the festival’s mission this year, however in an adjusted, online form, since we are aware that in uncertain times, even more attention should be given to preserving traditions. Although the heart of Kurentovanje consists of experiencing live heritage and coming together, we will make sure to create the carnival atmosphere for those walking through Ptuj’s streets with images and sounds.
Over the past six decades, we created plenty of memories, wrote many success stories, and managed to preserve what is most important – folk cultural heritage. The credit goes to the devoted groups and individuals, who captivate scores of visitors every year.
The 60th Kurentovanje last year was impressive; with over 7,000 participants from 16 countries, and over 100,000 visitors, the carnival captured the attention, and justified the praise for its qualities from Lonely Planet and The Guardian. The authenticity of preserving the tradition led to entering Kurents’ door-to-door rounds into the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
This year it is especially important to keep the good memories from the past years, and with care for everyone’s health, comply with the measures and reminiscence through Facebook @Kurentovanje, Instagram @Kurentovanje and our website www.kurentovanje.net. We will write the story of the 61st Kurentovanje together through these channels, with the goal of meeting again in Ptuj’s streets in 2022.

The motto of this year’s edition of Kurentovanje is “Respect tradition, rekindle memories.”

Kurentovanje team