A day before the 60th Kurentovanje kicked off, Kurents visited the Parliament.

While Valentine brings keys to the heart and roots, Kurents were the ones to deliver sunshine to the capital. The honorary patron of the 60th Kurentovanje, Parliament Speaker mag. Dejan Židan, had some health issues, so the reception KURENwas held by the Deputy Speaker Jože Tanko, which made the occasion no less jovial, noisy and cheerful.

The former mayor of Ribnica, which is also a popular carnival town, thanked Kurents for their visit, and the joy and positive energy they brought with them. He also wished the delegation, which included the Mayor Nuška Gajšek, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee Branko Brumen, and the 17th Carnival Prince Darko Cafuta aka Baron Jakob Zekel Videmski with his guard, all the success in organizing the event that brings Slovenian together, successfully presents our traditional culture abroad, and has been held under the patronage of Unesco for years.

Kurents’ visit to the National Assembly was also a symbolic invitation to the 60th Kurentovanje, which will take place in Ptuj between 15 and 25 February.

You can find all the events in our festival brochure (here)