Traditional Ethnographic Characters

Shrovetide Dancers of Pobrežje

The Shrovetide Dancers from Pobrežje are something special among the carnival characters. Some dancing couples, musicians, kurent and a woman with eggs want to bring happiness in the countryside with music and dancing. All members of the group, except for the horned kurent, wear festive clothes. The most interesting part of ther masque are the high-polar caps worn by the dancers. They are decorated with artificial flowers of different colors, with fresh greenery and colorful ribbons.

Decades ago, when they walked from house to house, they were welcomed everywhere. When they entered the house, they greeted the master. It was followed by a very long greeting for a good harvest, a healthy cattle, a lot of children to have, a good husband for a daughter, etc. After the ceremony, the egg-shaped egg woman collects the gifts.